Cinnamon Chords

Kettering by The Antlers

{title: Kettering} {artist: The Antlers} {album: Hospice} {year: 2009} {start_of_bridge: Intro} [Am] [C] [Em] [Am] {end_of_bridge} {start_of_verse: Verse} I [Am]wish that I had known in That first [C]minute we met, The un[Em]payable debt That I [Am]owed you. 'Cause [Am]you'd been abused By that [C]bone that refused you, And [Em]you hired me To make [Am]up for that. [Am]Walking in that room When you had [C]tubes in your arms, Those singing [Em]morphine alarms Out of [Am]tune. They kept you [Am]sleeping and eating, And I [C]didn't believe them When they [Em]called you A hurricane [Am]thunderclap. When [Am]I was checking vitals I sug[C]gested a smile. You didn't [Em]talk for awhile, You were [Am]freezing. You said you [Am]hated my tone, It made you [C]feel so alone, And so you [Em]told me I ought to be [Am]leaving. But [Am]something kept me standing By that [C]hospital bed, I should have [Em]quit but instead I took [Am]care of you. You made me [Am]sleep all uneven, And I [C]didn't believe them When they [Em]told me that there Was no [Am]saving you. {end_of_verse}