Cinnamon Chords

Wake by The Antlers

{title: Wake} {artist: The Antlers} {album: Hospice} {year: 2009} {start_of_bridge: Intro} [Bm] [A] [D] [F#] [G] [A] [G] [F#] [A] {end_of_bridge} {start_of_verse: Verse 1} With the [Bm]door closed, shades drawn, The [A]world shrinks. Let's open [D]up [F#]those blinds[G]. But [A]someone has to sweep the floor, Pick [G]up her dirty [F#m]clothes. That [A]job's not mine. Now that [Bm]everyone's an enemy, My [A]heart sinks. Let's put a[D]way [F#m]those claws[G]. I don't [A]blame them for their curtains-calls 'Cause [G]I pulled the [F#m]rope. I wanna [A]call them back out for applause. Spring and [Bm]Thompson on the First of May is [A]horrible. We hid in [D]ca-[F#m]tacombs[G]. So now I'm [A]sleeping next to mousetraps, in a [G]bed of all our [F#m]clothes, While I [A]hope that she won't come home. It was [Bm]easier to lock the doors And [A]kill the phones Than to [D]show [F#m]my skin[G], Because the [A]hardest thing is never to Re[G]pent for someone [F#m]else, It's [A]letting people in. {end_of_verse} {start_of_bridge: Instrumental} [Bm] [D] [Bm] [D] [Bm] [D] [A] {end_of_bridge} {start_of_verse: Verse 2} Well you can [Bm]come inside, unlock the door, Take [A]off your shoes. But this might [D]take [F#m]all night[G], To ex[A]plain to you I would have Walked [G]out those sliding [F#m]doors, But the [A]timing never seemed right. When your [Bm]helicopter came And tried to [A]lift me out, I put its [D]rope a[F#m]round my neck[G]. And after [A]that you didn't bother With the [G]airlift or the [F#m]rescue, You [A]knew just what to expect. That with the [Bm]door closed, shades drawn, We're [A]dead enough. They don't [D]open [F#m]from out[G]side. And [A]someone has to speak with their [G]Teeth behind their [F#m]tongue, To never [A]let that right be denied. We can't re[Bm]ly on photographs And visi[A]tation time, But I just [D]don't know [F#m]where to be[G]gin. I wanna [A]bust down the door, If you're [G]willing to for[F#m]give. I've got the [A]keys, I'm letting people in. {end_of_verse} {start_of_bridge: Instrumental} [Bm] [D] [Bm] [D] [Bm] [D] [A] {end_of_bridge} {start_of_bridge: Outro} [G]Don't be scared to [D]speak, Don't [A]speak with someone's tooth, Don't [G]bargain when you're [D]weak, Don't [A]take that sharp abuse. Some [G]patients can't be [D]saved, But that [A]burden's not on you. Don't [G]ever let [D]anyone [A]tell you you deserve that. {end_of_bridge}