Cinnamon Chords

Science Fiction by Arctic Monkeys

{title: Science Fiction} {artist: Arcade Fire} {album: Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino} {year: 2018} {start_of_verse: Verse 1} [Cm] [Gm] Religious iconography [Cm] [Gm] Giving [D5]you the [Cm]creeps? I feel rougher than a[Gm] disco lizard tongue along your cheek, [Cm] [Gm] The rise of [D5]the ma[Cm]chines. I must admit you[Gm] gave me something momentarily [Cm] [Gm] In which I [D5]could be[Cm]lieve. {end_of_verse} {start_of_chorus: Chorus 1} But the [Cm]hand of harsh reality's ungloved, And it's [Cm]on its way back in to scoop you up. But [Cm]not on my watch, I want to stay with you my love, The way some [D]science fiction does. {end_of_chorus} {start_of_verse: Verse 2} [Cm] [Gm] Reflections in the silver screen [Cm] [Gm] Of strange so[D5]cieties.[Cm] Swamp monster with a[Gm] hard-on for connectivity, [Cm] [Gm] The ascension [D5]of the [Cm]C.R.E.A.M. Mass panic on a[Gm] not too distant future colony. [Cm] [Gm] Quanti[D5]tative [Cm]easing. {end_of_verse} {start_of_chorus: Chorus 2} I want to [Cm]make a simple point about peace and love, But in a [Cm]sexy way where it's not obvious. [Cm]Highlight dangers and send out hidden messages, The way some [D]science fiction does. [Cm] [Gm] {end_of_chorus} {start_of_bridge: Bridge} I've got the [Cm]world on a [D]wire in my little[Cm] mirror mirror[D] on the wall [Cm]In the pocket [D]of my raincoat. [Cm] [Gm] {end_of_bridge} {start_of_chorus: Chorus 3} So I [Cm]tried to write a song to make you blush, But I've a [Cm]feeling that the whole thing may well just End [Cm]up too clever for its own [D]good, [Cm] [Gm] The way some science fiction does. {end_of_chorus}