Cinnamon Chords

Meaningless by The Magnetic Fields

{title: Meaningless} {artist: The Magnetic Fields} {album: 69 Love Songs} {year: 1999} {start_of_bridge: Intro} [B] {end_of_bridge} {start_of_verse: Verse 1} [B]Meaningless? You mean it's all been [Abm]meaningless? Every whisper [E]and caress? [F#]Yes yes yes, it was totally [B]meaningless [B]Meaningless Like when two fire[Abm]flies flouresce Just like every[E]thing I guess [F#]Less less yes, it was utterly [B]meaningless [B]Even less A little glimpse of [Abm]nothingness Sucking meaning from the [E]rest of this mess [F#]Yes yes yes, it was thoroughly [B]meaningless {end_of_verse} {start_of_chorus: Chorus} [E] And if some dim bulb should [F#]say We were in love in some [B]way Kick all his teeth in for [E]me And if you [F#]feel like keeping [E]on kicking, [F#]Feel free {end_of_chorus} {start_of_verse: Verse 2} [B]Meaningless Who dare say it wasn't [Abm]meaningless? Shout from the rooftops and ad[E]dress the press [F#]Ha ha ha, it was totally [B]meaningless [B]Meaningless Meaning less than a [Abm]game of chess Just like your mother said and [E]mother knows best I knew it all the time but [F#]now I confess [E]Yes yes [F#]yes, how deliciously [B]meaningless {end_of_verse} {start_of_bridge: Outro} Yes yes [F#]yes, how effervescently [E]meaningless Yes yes [F#]yes, how beautifully [B]meaningless Yes yes [F#]yes, how profoundly [E]meaningless Yes yes [F#]yes, how definatively [B]meaningless Yes yes [F#]yes, how comprehensively [E]meaningless Yes yes [F#]yes, how magnificently [B]meaningless Yes yes [F#]yes, how incredibly [E]meaningless Yes yes [F#]yes, how unprecedentedly [B]meaningless Yes yes [F#]yes, how mind-blowingly [E]meaningless Yes yes [F#]yes, how unbelievably [B]meaningless Yes yes [F#]yes, how infinitely [E]meaningless {end_of_bridge}