Cinnamon Chords

Anew by Yarmo

{title: Anew} {artist: Sir Jupiter} {album: Love Never Died, Idle Amoretto EP} {year: 2024} {start_of_bridge: Intro} [D] [Bm] [D] [Bm] [Em] [G/D] [C] [D] {end_of_bridge} {start_of_verse: Verse 1} When I was [D]running up the [Bm]stairs, I knew that [D]something had to [Bm]be there. I didn't [Em]bother tryin' to [G/D]look behind, The steps were [C]gone and no one [D]cared. But I felt [D]blessing in my [Bm]fall, There were no [D]stairs, no doors, no [Bm]walls. The hands that [Em]picked me up Con[G/D]cealed the cut and [C]brought me straight to [D]you. {end_of_verse} {start_of_bridge: Interlude} [D] [Bm] {end_of_bridge} {start_of_verse: Verse 2} We lived in [D]rooms below the [Bm]street And we'd fight [D]monsters in our [Bm]sleep. God, it's [Em]been so long since [G/D]I controlled The [C]things of which I [D]dream. It didn't [D]take us long to [Bm]part, I took the [D]ship, you took the [Bm]car. But wher[Em]ever I went, the [G/D]rivers would bend To [C]drag me back to [D]you. {end_of_verse} {start_of_chorus: Chorus 1} Oh [D]you, [F#m] [Bm] [F#m/C#] [D] [A] A[D]new. [F#m] [Bm] [F#m/C#] [D] [A] {end_of_chorus} {start_of_verse: Verse 3} She breathed out [D]fresh air to my [Bm]lungs, She gave me [D]back what I gave [Bm]up. But I was [Em]wrong, I'm not like [G/D]anyone, I don't have [C]flesh, I've lost my [D]blood. I've turned in[D]to a falla[Bm]cy, I'm wearing [D]dark robes and some [Bm]green. I'm but a [Em]passive leaf just [G/D]tryin' to breathe So I'm [C]growing back to [D]you. {end_of_verse} {start_of_chorus: Chorus 2} Oh [D]you, [F#m] [Bm] [F#m/C#] [D] [A] A[D]new. [F#m] [Bm] [F#m/C#] [D] [A] {end_of_chorus} {start_of_bridge: Instrumental} [D] [F#m] [Bm] [F#m/C#] [D] [A] {end_of_bridge}