Cinnamon Chords

Where Did You Go? by Yarmo

{title: Where Did You Go?} {artist: Sir Jupiter} {album: Love Never Died, Idle Amoretto EP} {year: 2024} {start_of_bridge: Intro} [Am] [D] {end_of_bridge} {start_of_verse: Verse 1} [Am]Love's such a pretty thing, bloody [D]shame it goes to waste, (It's either) [Am]You, me, just let it be, it was [D]all a big mistake. (It went) [Am]Tick tock like ol' grandpa's clock, made it [D]two-thirds of the way, (Before it) [Am]Crashed, burned, took a bad turn, [D]leaving me to pray… {end_of_verse} {start_of_chorus: Chorus 1} Where did you [Am]go? [Am/G] [Am/F#] [F] {end_of_chorus} {start_of_bridge: Interlude} [Am] [Am/G] [Am/F#] [F] {end_of_bridge} {start_of_verse: Verse 2} [Am]I'm just a lion, babe, but [D]you already knew, (I ran) [Am]Up, down, up anew, I'd like to [D]run right back to you (if I could). (So I'm) [Am]Ready now to make amends but the [D]bloody dice was cast, (I said) [Am]Darling please, won't you (Won't you) let the [D]past be in the past. {end_of_verse} {start_of_chorus: Chorus 1} Where did you [Am]go? [Am/G] [Am/F#] [F] {end_of_chorus} {start_of_bridge: Instrumental} [Am] [Am/G] [Am/F#] [F] [C] [G] [Am] [D] [C] [G] [A] [Am] [Am/G] [Am/F#] [F] {end_of_bridge}