Cinnamon Chords

The Hermit by Yarmo

{title: The Hermit} {artist: Sir Jupiter} {album: Love Never Died, Idle Amoretto EP} {year: 2024} {start_of_bridge: Intro} [Fm] [Cm/Eb] [Db] [Cm] {end_of_bridge} {start_of_verse: Verse 1} [Fm]Save me from the [Cm/Eb]patients at the [Db]door. Don't tell 'em I'm here, don't [Cm]tell 'em that I'm [Fm]home. [Fm]Talk to me before the [Cm/Eb]evening gets too [Db]old, You look like you've got [Cm]something left un[Fm]told. {end_of_verse} {start_of_bridge: Interlude} [Fm] [Edim7] {end_of_bridge} {start_of_verse: Verse 2} [Fm]Wake up now the [Cm/Eb]wine is wearing [Db]off, The numbness is gone but the [Cm]pain keeps dragging [Fm]on. [Fm]Leave me in my room, I [Cm/Eb]don't wanna hear your [Db]voice, Got a bed and a TV with [Cm]nothing but static and [Fm]noise. {end_of_verse} {start_of_bridge: Instrumental} [Fm] [Edim7] [Fm] [Cm/Eb] [Db] [Cm] {end_of_bridge}